Deborah Marriott – Watercolor Batik and Fluid Abstract Artist

Deborah Marriott – Watercolor Batik and Fluid Abstract Artist

Debby grew up in Virginia and North Carolina. After high school she joined the Air Force where she met her husband.  She spent nine years in the USAF as a jet engine mechanic and intelligence specialist. When her daughter was young she went to Kennesaw State University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Finance.  Once her daughter started school she went to work for the Department of Veterans Affairs in the foreclosure department. 

In 2004 she retired to Barefoot Bay FL. Debby had never taken any kind of art class, but enjoyed looking at art.   On a whim in May 2013, she took a one day watercolor class with Bob Virelli and was hooked.  She studied watercolor with Therese Ferguson and Nancy Sadowski. The artist has also taken workshops with Rose Edin and Paul Jackson.   

Deborah says, “Some of my work is mixed media, and crystal clear Artresin is the catalyst throughout. The resin that I use is of the highest quality and will not yellow over time.  Sometimes it is in the project and sometimes on top……but always part of.

Working with resin means working within limitations of temperature and timing, but also within that structure is a degree of flexibility that rewards spontaneity. The resin can only be worked with for approximately 30 minutes before the curing process starts.    I add pigments, paints, alcohols, inks, silicone, paper and other substances to the resin to see what will happen.  It is almost like being a chemist adding a drop of this and a cc of that,  all the while keeping meticulous records of what you did in case something amazing happens.  There is no way to control or exactly duplicate the outcome so every piece of art is truly an original!  My art can have from 1 to 10 layers depending on the desired effect.  Once the resin is mixed or placed on other materials it must be torched (to get out any bubbles) and tilted to get the desired flow or effect and then must be kept exactly level in a dust free environment.   All of my work is produced on gallery wrapped canvases or wooden panels depending on the size and effect desired.

I also enjoy painting watercolor batik on ginwashi rice paper, using wax as a resist.  I choose this surface because it provides the translucent and textural qualities that I desire.   The chopped fibers often draw the viewer closer to see what is that in the paper!  I can paint realistically, yet the paper imbues a rugged quality to my paintings.  The paper lends itself well to both translucent and opaque paints and they seem to glow.  While some might think it would be tedious to paint and wax each color separately, I am always excited to iron off the wax when finished to see what is revealed.”


Debby enjoys traveling the world. Much of the inspiration for her work is from her travels.  She is a member of the Florida Watercolor Society, the Brevard  Watercolor Society, and the Sebastian River Art Club.



Merit Award “Lil Man”  Brevard Watercolor Society SPLASH annual show

Merit Award “Estuary Assault”  Sebastian River Art Club

2nd place watercolor AE BACKUS Museum 2017 “BEST OF THE BEST” juried show “Lil Man”

1st place 2017 MAY INVITATIONAL  Vero Beach Artist Guild “Barrel Racing Bella”

Best of Show Strawbridge Art Guild “Fire and Ice” show

Selected to exhibit in the Florida Watercolor Society 46th Annual Exhibit at Coral Springs Museum of Art Sep-Nov 2017- “Lil Man”

Pathfinder Award Florida Watercolor Society 46th Annual Exhibit “Lil Man”


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“Whale Tail” resin and pigments

“Purple Passion” resin and pigments

“Metallic Blue” resin and pigments

“Lil Man” watercolor batik

“Blue Inlet” resin and pigments

“Red Beauty” resin and pigments

“Space” resin and pigments

“Surf” resin and pigments

“Planet” resin and pigments

“Eye in the Sky” resin and pigments

“Mums the Word”