Gretchen Ten Eyck Hunt – Acrylics

Gretchen Ten Eyck Hunt – Acrylics, Mixed Media,  Sculpture, Jewelry

Artist’s Statement

Art is the shear joy of creating with no intent or purpose beyond the act of creating. Good art communicates to the viewer and touches the senses. It can trigger memories or stimulate the imagination.

I love to explore the Possibilities . When I start a concept or approach , I do a series of pieces to develop a specific look to that series. This allows me to work in a variety of styles and mediums .

In all my work, I want to explore the possibilities in creating art that brings joy , and lifts the spirit of the viewer .

As an instructor, I wish to share the knowledge I’ve gained over the last 50 years so that other artists can grow and enjoy creating their art .

About The Artist:

Gretchen Ten Eyck Hunt was born in Bloomington, Ill, and grew up in Gainesville, Florida. She began her studies at the age of 7 under the tutelage of Cramer Swords , MFA while he was working on his masters. She received certification in Commercial Art from Art Instructions Schools and earned her B A focusing on visual Fine arts From Flagler College, St. Augustine, Fl.

Gretchen sold her first work of art at the age of 12 and hung in her first professional juried competition at the age of 14. She has won numerous awards in both regional and national competitions . You can find her works in public and private collections throughout the US and Europe .

You can find more information about Gretchen and her work at

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